Sunday, July 04, 2010

On the Grill: 4th of July Edition

Original recipe posted at the link below...

I'm entering one of my recipes here at Gathering Manna at Robyn's On the Grill Link Up to win a 50$ gift card. She has inspired me to get back to adding great recipes to my food blog that I neglect so often. Did you know that I've had this blog almost as long as I have had my Sprittibee one? I'm just too hungry when I sit down to eat to stop and take photos of all the great food most of the time... and it takes me forever to finally get a picture to post here with the recipe.

Anyway, here's the link to the recipe I'm entering (and it's a nice reminder - since this is a summer dish that is nice and easy - and red cabbage and pears have so many health benefits!)...

BBQ Chicken, Red Cabbage and Pear Slaw, and a Baked Potato with all the fixin's.

Our Homeschool Home

What's on your grill? Or at your picnic? Robyn wants to know!

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Thursday, June 17, 2010

New Favorite Snack Bars


1. Gluten Free
2. Certified Organic
3. Low in Sodium
4. A Source of Fiber
5. Vegetarian and Vegan (Dairy Free)
6. Cholesterol Free
7. Not made with Genetically Modified Ingredients (NO GMO)
8. Transfat Free
9. A Low Glycemic Carb
10. Preservative and Additive Free
11. Certified Kosher

...and most importantly,

12. Not only edible, but DELICOUS???

Wings of Nature snack bars, that's what!

I've been eating Kashi granola bars (which are very healthy, and my husband loves them...) and haven't been sure if I should go ahead and eat the box, too. They are dry and my kids call them "cardboard".

I went through a phase when I was pregnant with Baby K when I also bought boxes of the Belly Bars (they taste more like chocolate cookies and rice crispy bars, but they are pretty expensive). I do love Belly Bars... but was looking for something more 'every day' and less chocolate coated. Not that I have anything against chocolate, of course... I'm just trying to not eat AS MUCH of it.

I was delighted to be given a few of these new bars by Wings of Nature to try out. I'm always looking for a tasty snack that will keep me out of the cookies. I have a REAL problem with chocolate chip cookies, y'all - it's serious.

I'll have you know that I ate the first one (the Almond Raisin bar) and was thrilled with how soft and yummy it was (the ingredients were wonderful, but the taste sealed the deal). The very next day I ate two of them in one sitting during snack time because the Espresso Coffee Bar and the Cranberry Crunch Bar were even better than the first one I tried. [Don't judge me - it was a better choice than eating half a bag of Milano Double Cholocate Cookies, right?]

I'm working on mending some broken resolutions to eat healthier and much more organic, and am planning to add Wings of Nature to my "must have snack list".

Check out the Wings of Nature website to find out where you can purchase them near you. I'm going to get mine at Walgreens.

Disclosure: These yummy snacks were provided to me to review. The opinion is all my own and I was not compensated monetarily for it.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Good Foods Come in Threes

I promised to do some foodie reviews and have kind of dropped the ball... and I've been meaning to tell you about my new favorite breakfast cereal, too. I'm thrilled to have THREE great items to share with you: a snack, a drink, and a cereal (aren't those the three basic food groups?).

Anyway, here are the great things our family has discovered in the past few months (and have subsequently added to our master grocery list):

Home Free Organic Cookies

These little goodies are food allergy approved! They contain no nuts, no eggs, and no dairy (and are made at a dedicated bakery). I promise, they DON'T taste like the box! Organic sweets are wonderful to have around the house when the munchies take over. Home Free did a great job on these, considering all they left OUT.

I feel good feeding these oatmeal cookies to the munchkin - since he's on a baby food strike and we are having trouble getting him to eat anything at all right now that doesn't resemble a cookie or a chip. Good thing I'm still nursing him, or he would probably starve himself to death.

Hop over to and find out more about their standards on their FAQs page if you are feeding a sensitive tummy. Or you can click on their Store Locator page to find out the nearest place where you can purchase these yummy snacks.

These cookies are great for people with food allergies, but they DO contain gluten. Are you confused about food allergies and celiac disease (gluten sensitivity)? You aren't alone. Check out this informative Celiac vs. Food Allergy article that Home Free sent to me with their free cookie sample.

Crystal Light Pure Fitness Sport Drink

I almost said no to Crystal Light before they ever sent the samples - because I figured they had artificial sweeteners. I was VERY impressed that they have opted to go 'healthy' by eliminating the fake stuff and adding evaporated can juice and Truvia (an all-natural, calorie free sweetener derived from the stevia plant). Another cool thing about the samples that they sent was that they are individual sized servings (a tiny packet you can dump in to your cold bottled water - or add to your water glass at a restaurant). If you want to drink more water but you really aren't a big water-fan, this stuff is for you! It also is handy if you eat out - because ordering water at a restaurant can save you oodles of money. Now everyone can have a flavored drink without paying an extra 8$ or more on the tab (my kids love this angle).

If you enjoy Crystal Light, follow them on twitter: @CrystalLight. Tell them Sprittibee sent you. Maybe that will make up for how long it took to review their drinks!

Dark Chocolate Almond Granola

Cascadian Farms have outdone themselves this time. This stuff is 13.25 ounces of pure breakfast bliss. I didn't get a free sample of it - but I do have a serious addiction. I figured if I told more people about this chocolate-lover's secret, maybe more of my favorite grocery stores would carry it. So far I haven't seen it at Walmart (for shame). According to their website, you could snack on it without milk (why didn't I think of that?) and use it as a topping for ice-cream (OH. MY.)... but please - do yourself a favor and BUY SOME. Who cares that it is completely natural and organic. It's all about the flavor, baby.

There you have it. Three new finds to treat yourself on. Off to the store you go!

Disclosure: As stated in this post, the cookies and drink were provided for my honest opinion, free of charge. The granola was purchased by me (but you still got my honest opinion).

Monday, March 29, 2010

No Shame in Storebought Cake


Cake seems to be my theme today. Only, I never shared the photos from the baby's ACTUAL birthday. It was on a Wednesday, smack dab in the middle of our school week... so I wasn't about to do the whole birthday party thing and ruin our homeschool momentum. I purchased a pre-made cake at the local grocery store and had her pop a little shamrock and leprechaun on it.

My baby was born on St. Patty's Day, so we tried to go for green, but they didn't have anything that color with buttercream icing. Buttercream is a must. So we opted for the primary colors instead. I'm sure he didn't mind. He probably thought that it tasted like heaven since he doesn't get a lot of sweets. I couldn't resist sharing this little collage of him digging in the cake like a steam shovel, and then we bathed him in the sink.

Isn't that how all first birthdays that are in the middle of the week play out?

This weekend we gave him a party so the family could join us and he could open presents and see his baby buddies. I posted all of the photos for that (including the owl cupcakes I made and pictures of the decorations) over at my 'real' blog today. Hop over and check them out!

- Heather