Saturday, January 14, 2006

Speedy Chicken Nachos

This is what we had for lunch today... and let me just tell you that when the recipe calls for 3 minutes in the broiler, it really means 3 minutes! I tried to do 4 minutes, and it burned the tips of the outer edge of chips and set the smoke alarm off in our apartment! Oh, well... at least the meal was not ruined and the smoke alarm really works! My kids have since dubbed this tasty meal (which both of them had seconds of and raved about) "volcano nachos". I like the name, and have a feeling it will stick. I'll definitely be serving these more often, since they are a quick lunch for us busy homeschoolers.

Volcano Nachos

  • 2 pouches (7oz each) Tyson Chicken Chuck Chicken Breast (I used a can of Hormel chicken breast)

  • 1 package taco seasoning (I used chicken taco seasoning by McCormick)

  • 1 bag (14 oz) tortilla chips (I used 1/2 a bag)

  • 1 bag (16 oz) shredded Mexican cheese blend (I used 1/2 a bag)

  • 1 can (10 oz) diced tomatoes and green chilies, well drained (I used 3/4 can of chopped green chilies because this is what I had left over from a previous dinner and the kids hate them... and I used fresh chopped and skinned tomatoes - 2 of them)

  • 1 can (4 oz) sliced black olives, drained (we didn't have these today, so we left them out)


Using a fork, mix the chicken with half a package of taco seasoning in a bowl until chicken has shredded effect and is coated well with seasoning (we use a whole package because we like it spicy).

You might even add a tiny bit of mayo or cream of chicken soup if you wanted a few nachos to get a bit softer... but not much - and if you do that, I would put the cheese on first, and the meat on top, so that the meat would be crispy and dry at the top. Be creative and adapt this recipe to your own tastes. Everyone loves nachos!

Arrange chips on a foiled cookie sheet in a single layer and sprinkle the seasoned meat, chopped chilies and tomatoes (or drained can of Rotel), and cheese. Preheat oven to Broil. Broil nachos for 3 minutes.

It is best if you leave the light on and stay close by! Mine started to BURN at 3.5 minutes and had black edges in 4 minutes around the outer edge of the cookie sheet. If I had gone one minute longer, the entire dish would have been black, I'm sure!

Serve with your favorite dips or toppings (shredded lettuce, jalapenos, guacamole, sour cream....).

We love these with sour cream... but we didn't have any avocados today, and would have loved guacamole with them, too!

Recipe compliments of Tyson Foods.

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Harsha said...

Just Surfed in..nice one will try it..sounds Delicious to me..

Phyllis@Aimless Conversation said...

This sounds yummy. What a creative use of ingredients... Except I don't keep chicken on hand. I'm thinking Tuna would not be so great.

michalsam said...

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