Saturday, September 03, 2005

Fruity Party Punch

Everyone always wants a good party punch recipe. I created my own recipe when I did the last theme party at my house for my children's birthdays. Below, I have listed the ingredients I used, but you can substitute for whatever flavors you like:
  • kiwi-strawberry sodas
  • frozen strawberry cream sherbet
  • lime/sprite type soda
  • can of pineapple juice
  • ice
You will need to duplicate the recipe depending how many bowls you'll need to fill.
When I made this mix of flavors, the guests at the party LOVED it. I kept running out and having to make more. You can really just mix and match depending on the flavors you like best. Just make sure you add one frozen drink mix or sherbet to keep it frothy and cold, some ice, one soda (usually ginger ale or a sprite type soda), and a juice of your choice. Be creative. Pick your flavor you want first (such as peach, apple, orange, etc.) and then mix in a soda, sherbet, and juice of similar flavors to match. You will have people begging for your recipe!

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