Friday, December 23, 2005

Ongoing Butter or Margarine Battle

This is a picture of my daughter when she was five. We made butter during our study on medieval days and had a feast in our garage in costume. The butter that day was super... and everyone had a hand in shaking the jar to make it. We just put a marble in the jar and it took about one-hundred shakes for the heavy cream to turn into this nice white lump.

I found an article on the internet that was written in 1997 about butter and margarine (and oils), and while outdated a bit, it's message is true still today. I haven't found a better article (even though the emails on the topic are shorter and some a lot more fun).

You will go to many sites that argue in the margarine and butter battle, claiming that the other (depending on which side they take) is faking data or lying outright.... but the facts remain. While butter is not necessarily a fat that you would want to use a LOT of, it IS a natural fat. Margarine is NOT a natural food. The animal and insect world attest to this fact. They won't eat it. We're the only suckers who will.

The more we tamper with foods (refining, hydrogenating, using toxic solvents, caustic soda, preservatives and defoamers in the processing/extracting), the worse our health seems to get. History and statistics don't lie. Refined foods are really bad for you. God made them the way they are on purpose. They go bad quickly because they are NATURAL foods. Creating longer shelf-life is what refining is all about. It is about businesses making more money - not about adding vitamins for your health (which is only a gimmick to get you to BUY, BUY, BUY). Don't believe the lie. Eat as natural and organic as you can. Each bite will bless your body.

I'll get off my soap box now. Please stop over and read the article: The Margarine Hoax (or print it and read it later, it's really long!).

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Anonymous said...

I'm a butter snob. The kids say they prefer margarine, although I say they just prefer the ease ("spreadability") of it. I just eat butter!