Sunday, January 22, 2006

Lebanese 7 Spices

I was making a recipe tonight that called for "Mixed Spices" and I was at a loss. I did some research, so I thought I would copy this recipe here for future use. This recipe can be used for Mid-East or Indian Dishes.

Lebanese Mixed Spices


Black pepper

The mixed spices used here are the traditional '7 spices' you can buy off the shelf.

Buy the ingredients in powder form (or make into powder using pestle and mortar). Mix together equal quantities of all the above. Once complete, keep in a sealed jar or container and it will last for at least six months.

Recipe compliments of Dee and Posted at Top Tastes.

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Anonymous said...

Thank You!!! I had no idea what this was or how to get it for tonight's dinner!

Anonymous said...

My dad get's these spices from the "old country" (lebanon) and he doesn't know the english words for the 7 spices! Thank you thank you thank you!

Anonymous said...

Where can I buy fenugreek? Whole Foods doesn't have it, and somebody said the vitamin aisle at Walmart. But isn't that just a pill?

Anonymous said...

Fenugreek's leaves and seeds are both utilized in cooking. In this particular spice mix, you want to look for ground fenugreek, thats the seed. you can buy fenugreek at any indian/pakistani/middle eastern grocery store. to look up a store, click on the markets tab, after you have located your destination on

Dee said...

You can also get ground fenugreek from Penzey's spice store Happy cooking

Anonymous said...

The Amish bulk stores carry fenugreek seed.

Fenugreek seed has many benefits when prepared as a tea.

You can purchase whole seed and grind your own spice blend with a mortar and pestle.

I use fenugreek in my curry dishes.

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