Saturday, February 25, 2006

HMREs: Hindi Meals Ready-To-Eat!

We discovered a neat way to add festive side dishes to our Indian Food at home for a slim price that fits our budget. How? MTR Imports, Inc. has a great brand of ready to eat products.

We have tried quite a few flavors and I'll have to say that some of them taste like they came right off of the buffet at a restaurant! On the other hand, the rice dishes are soggy, so I would avoid those if you buy this brand. Rice is just better fresh.

These boxes are for two-person servings only (or one if you are really hungry), and many are pretty spicy. My kids don't like them (spice wimps), but we always let them sample our international foods even if we don't make them eat a whole helping. Maybe one day they will come around? The MTR Ready to Eat flavors can be purchased for around two dollars per box at your local Indian or Asian grocer. Not bad for a quick microwavable lunch or side-dish!