Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Cooking Funk and Other Petty Blabberings

I haven't been in a cooking mood lately. Cereal for dinner, anyone?

I have been busy with school, co-op, and life... so we have eaten out quite a bit in the past week. Hopefully you will not let my silence in here run you off. Funny thing is; I really have no idea how many people really read this blog.... so I could be talking to myself in here. Who knows? I check my site meter regularly on my other blog, but this one gets neglected quite a bit. This is more of a personal blog to me... my own private digital recipe binder... without the hassle of storage problems (I move a lot, so packing all my cook-books is really back-breaking). This blog allows me to go anywhere that has internet access and be able to pull up my recipes and cook. I can also share my recipes with a simple link, rather than typing them over and over. I hope that someone out there is enjoying my favorite recipes and silly tips in here; but if not, I'm not going to cry about it.

This month I am also working as a team member at The Old Schoolhouse Magazine's Company Porch Blog (another reason I'm neglecting this blog). I'm the "Tip of the Day" tipster. Today's tip was from RIGHT HERE at Gathering Manna. I didn't take my own advice today, however.... I drank mostly carbonated beverages today (which is totally OUT of character for me).

I won't promise to get a recipe in here by Friday, but I HOPE that I can. Be sure to stop by at Sprittibee Friday for the lovely change of the seasons on my template in honor of the first day of autumn (Sept. 22nd) here in America. I just love the cooler weather. I actually saw people with light jackets on today! I am so excited for the leaves to turn... and they already have started!

Happy autumn and Happy Monday! God bless!

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Dana said...

like the blog! i happened to find it cause i googled "Manna recipe". i'm doing a bible lesson on manna tomorrow for my kids (sam 4, micah 3, and annabelle 1). anyways, i plan on trying those enchiladas sometime next week too :)

Sprittibee said...

Great, Dana! Thanks for stopping in and commenting. Let me know what you think of the enchiladas. ;)

Amy said...

Keep the recipes coming ... I enjoy Gathering Manna. I found this blog through your other Blog which I found through JenIg's blog! I think I've been following along for about 6 weeks now. I enjoyed reading your testimony and I appreciate your honesty. I'm new to this whole blogging world but just last week I started my own blog about our home school. Wish I could write half as well as you!


Sprittibee said...

Thanks Amy. I appreciate you commenting. I hope you'll let me know when you try a recipe what you think of it. Thanks for the link and your very sweet comments!