Friday, August 14, 2009

I Promise 2 Bee More Domestic

My good friend Domestic Chicky the Apronista had a contest for a free apron last week and I won! I won a 56$ apron!

This will be my very first apron. I kid you not. I'm nearly ... well... let's just say I'm not 20 any more, and I've never owned an apron. Of any sort.

I'm so excited!

I had my husband help me pick one out. He and I didn't agree on apron design. But then again, he thinks aprons are dumb. And he thinks I'll never wear it. BOY IS HE WRONG! I told him, "I'll show you! I'll get all domestic and stuff."

He rolled his eyes. "Heather, we've been together for 18 years. I think I know you by now. You probably won't even wear that thing. Why don't you just ask her to let you buy a tote bag."

Humph. What a killjoy. OK, I'll admit that a tote bag is probably more my style with all the homeschool books I lug around. He calls me the 'bag lady'.

I'm going to show him, though! I'll learn to sew and start cooking lots of new stuff. You watch. Just as soon as my paper cut heals... and the bookshelves are finished being sorted... and the house is spotless... and the closets are cleaned out... and the school assignments are finished being entered in to my planner... and the kids have all their chores done without me nagging...


Oh, well. At least I managed to learn to cook without an apron on all these years. Now I'll look cute in the kitchen making dinner. So there. I'm going to wear that apron every day! I'll show him.

Who knows? Maybe I will become more domestic. Maybe the apron will give me domestic super-powers. Wouldn't that be cool to instantly learn how to sew and quilt? A girl can dream big apron dreams...


Melissa Stover said...

so cute!

e-Mom said...

Love this! Saw your tweet. I just joined The Apronista (ning group) :~D


Susan said...

too cute! I love aprons. You really should make sure you wear it. It makes me feel more domestic and pretty actually, and productive. Kind of like taking a shower!

Susan said...

see, I just realized my profile pic shows me in an apron!