Friday, May 16, 2008

Redneck Seafood Dinner

I had to post this. How funny is that?!

The photo isn't mine - it came over email.

We are studying about whaling, seafood, sea animals and the New England coast right now. I'm not real big on cooking a lot of seafood at home. I have NEVER eaten REAL clam chowder, either... but we may have to get experimental to do this unit study right. I can see myself pulling a red-neck meal instead of eating shellfish...

... too bad my kids are older and they know when I'm faking it!

I have the Andrews Sisters "Hold Tight" in my head and I sure wish I had that song so I could listen to it right now! "Shrimpers and rice! They're very nice! Talkin' 'bout SEAFOOD, mama!"

I sure won't be boiling the 20 lb. lobster at our local grocery store, that's for sure. I can't stand killing those things. Crabs and shrimp are one thing - but somehow I always feel sorry for the lobsters. I always just want to buy them all and set them free.

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Abbreviated said...

Cute hotdogs !