Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Morgan's First Cake

She's nine years old and has helped in the kitchen for a long time now... but this time she wanted to do it HERSELF. She baked a yellow cake with chocolate icing and broke out the entire army of sprinkles and icing tubes for a topping. After all, a cake isn't a cake without sprinkles if you are a kid, right? The only thing I did was help her take the pans OUT of the oven and show her how to ice the cake briefly before she took over the spatula. She really did it HERSELF.

I think she did a fine job for her first time baking alone. We have yet to dig in to the cake (so I don't know what it tastes like), but unless it is horrible and I have to come back in to edit this post, I'll let you believe it tastes as good as it looks.

My favorite part of this experience was:

1. I didn't have to bake the cake myself. As my cousin said to me today, she can't wait until she can tell her daughter, "Cook for me, my minion!" Today the cake, tomorrow DINNER! I'm seeing many a night off from dinner duty in the future and it looks extra real good, baby.

2. I'm thrilled that the kids are wanting to cook (even if Kaden's only contribution to this particular project was sprinkles) - maybe they won't be as useless as I was when I got married and only knew how to boil water, pour cereal, make cheese-toast and cook hamburger helper. Already I think both of them have far surpassed my skills at 20. In fact, on occasion they will take turns making me breakfast - cheese toast and chocolate milk. That's multi-tasking, folks. When you are under 11 you should get allowance for stuff like that.

3. She decorated the cake for ME and her dad. Always a brown-nosing plus... especially when done on any form of chocolate.

4. She made me a card to go with it. And everyone knows I'm a greeting card junkie. Home made is even better. Maybe she needs an Etsy shoppe?

I'm sure she'll post about her cake on her blog, too. But not today. Because I'm all blogged out. Four blog posts in one day is enough to make anyone NEED cake. In case you wanted to check out those other blog posts, you can do so at these sites:

Heart of the Matter (today's article won't be up until the 8th)
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Oh, and I'll be hosting the Homesteading Carnival soon... next Monday, I think. I'm anxious to get my garden update added to that. The watermelon is going crazy! However, this Texas heat is really hard on the plants without rainy days in the mix. We had one day of rain recently, but 95% of the state is in a drought. Pray for us Texans to get rain if you think of it.

See ya, round.

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toni said...

This is so awesome! And that icing text was just so sweet. :)

Today a cake tomorrow cupcakes and creme brulees -- for mommy and daddy too!

Abi said...

Neat. Chocolate. Now that's my type of girl.