Monday, June 30, 2008

Freezing Meals, Enjoying Life, ... Loosing Weight

A friend of mine on an email list I was on told me about this neat software that helps you freeze meals ahead and only spend one day in the kitchen per month (or so) cooking. I haven't tried it yet, but it looks really promising. They also have books you can buy with recipes that freeze well.

The soup book looks interesting since I have been on a soup kick recently. A friend of mine made a potato and bacon soup for us when we ate at her house the other night and it was so filling and delicious! I hope I can get her to remember the recipe so I can keep it in here.

I also have the Carrot Cake recipe finally. If only I could find time to sit down and post it, eh? Oh, well - you don't really need a carrot cake. At least if you are like me and have about 15 pounds to loose, right?

Speaking of loosing weight... I'm on a CHOICE diet. No, it isn't a low carb, high protien, raw foods diet. It didn't come from a book or website. It is just a personal quest to "make better choices while eating". Eating to live rather than living to eat. So here it is in a nut shell:

THE RULE: Make 3 good choices per meal.

"I'll have salad instead of fries"
"I'll drink tea instead of coke"
"I'll use agave nectar instead of sugar"
"I won't salt the beans"
"I'll only have one taco instead of three"
"I won't go back for seconds"
"I won't have dessert after dinner"
"I'll eat two cookies instead of four"
"I'll get that on whole wheat"
"I'll half the meat in the recipe"
"I won't add extra cheese to my potato"
"I'll drink a glass of water 30 minutes before I eat so I won't be so hungry"
"I'm not going to skip breakfast because it jump-starts my metabolism"
"I'll eat some protein to prevent a carb crash"
"I'm going to eat turkey bacon so I won't have as much fat intake"
"I'll have unsweetened tea"

Whatever your "choice" is that is positive, just try to make wiser choices at meal time... and you can make small "deposits" in your health bank while loosing tiny bits of weight each time you sit at the table to eat. I already lost 4 pounds since starting this a week ago.

If you are doing something similar, I'd love to hear about it!

Carrot Cake recipe to come sooner or later!

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Homeskool-R-Us Mom said...

Hi Sprittibee,

I have read both of your blogs for awhile and really enjoy them. I am a homeschool mom to two boys...and I love to cook! I am posting because I am doing a similiar diet plan...just make better choices. I found this cool website

It lists 13 different superfoods and gives you ideas of how you can work them into your diet. So I am trying to work these in as well.

Best wishes on your continued quest for good health!

Angie in Ohio

kevin said...

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