Thursday, August 27, 2009

God Speaks Through Fountain Drinks

We had to skip school most of the day yesterday. Only got a few things done. Why? Because we've had a major disaster with the insurance company over claims on little Bee. Seems they don't want to pay his doctor because we weren't using the one on his medical card they assigned him - but we only just got the medical card 15 days ago and had no idea we weren't using the right one. Not to mention my husband's company needed proof of his birth (other than the hospital bills and his social security card) or they were going to retro-actively drop him from coverage entirely. That would put a whole lot of financial stress on us, so we figured it was priority to skip school and get it handled. I was on a mission to get hospital documents to prove the existence of baby Bee and thus have a stack of medical bills paid and off my desk.

After loosing a school day and feeling a bit frazzled with all the paperwork and laundry piling up (and make-up work for my lesson planner)... and after paying bills (which always gets me in a bad mood), I had another one of those "man, I stink at homeschooling" and "we're never going to get stuff accomplished" moods brewing. Ever have one of those?

So we ate at Chipotle with grandma and tried to enjoy the 103 degree sunshine. Nothing like a good dose of Chipotleness to cheer me up.

Despite the fact that I'm nursing (a baby that naps in short doses), I decided on a Coke with my meal. They had one of their funny signs on the fountain drink machine. I chuckled after reading it: "Not a Winner". Then, out of my spirit, I heard the still small voice of truth:
"You know, I'm sure glad God still thinks we're worth saving even when we aren't winners."

I'd hate to be labeled as a looser like that spigot up there. Wouldn't you? Aren't you glad that God meets you where you are and lifts you up, dusts you off, and smiles at you? He keeps blessing you even if you aren't perfect and don't pull everything off with ease.

That's even better than Chipotle at correcting a bad mood.

So we enjoyed our refills on soft drinks and the rest of our day - even though we didn't get everything we had planned on our lesson planner done.


Traci Best said...

Nothing puts a smile on my face faster than when God speaks to me in ways like this! It is so comforting! Thank you for sharing!

Hope you got all the stressful stuff sorted out!


Anonymous said...

I always enjoy reading your posts! Even if you are having a bad day, please know that you are encouraging us. God is using you for good. Thanks a bunch. Sue M in Apopka FL

Ann Kroeker said...

Nice story about your openness to listen and respond, as well.

Thanks for linking to Food on Fridays. This was a great addition to the carnival!

Robin @ Heart of Wisdom said...

>>another one of those "man, I stink at homeschooling" and "we're never going to get stuff accomplished" moods brewing. Ever have one of those?<<

Duh, yep, lots of them. It's a homeschool requirement isn't it?

Great object lesson. They are everywhere.

This is my first visit here. Do you have Hope Egan's Cookbook? Send me your addy and I'll mail you it. Its a great book.

I'm trying to go organic. So expensive. But I am sugar free and refined food free (except for one night after revival and I gave in to a drive through.)

Love photos of that CUTIE! I want to pinch his cheeks so bad.

I have a 2nd blog too- at heartathome where I post recipes and housecleaning tips.

Shannon said...

I am now follwoing this blog too! I LOVE me some Chipotle!! YUMMMMMMM-OOOOOO!! LOL

Love your correlation to the soda fountain and God. :o)

Oh and yes, I have those I'm a loser homeschool mom days quite often lately!