Monday, April 02, 2007

Unlocking the Transfat Mysteries of Fast Food

Nutrition in the Fast Lane
Do you want to know how clogged your arteries are going to get after you eat that burger? Are you watching calories (or your waist line)? Here's a handy little book that is sure to make you wish you hadn't gone through the drive-through!

[I found this link courtesy of Natalie Jost who designed Franklin Publishing's website; as well as my other blog site.]

I sure could have used this little booklet back when I was sticking to my diet in January. Maybe I'll get back on the band-wagon in July at the mid-way point of the year (for those of us who are trying to keep resolutions, that is). Happy calorie counting! What you don't know could kill you!

I type this as I sip down the last of my McDonald's coke. Yes, I had fries with that.

For some more McDonald's humor, check out our McDonald's song that goes with the lyrics to "The Badger Song". Laughing may be a good way to work the grease off? Hope so.

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